20 March 2012

wrinkle-free distress

...whew.... I've finally finished it....  I spent hours for this...
I don't know why... but this technique was the most difficult for me in three technique we've learnt today.

I found that adding more colour makes look better... but adding colour on craft sheet wasn't easy. I was worrying too much about contamination of ink pads.

I was trying to make subtle colour (look like pastel) as well, but again that's difficult too. This technique is another one I need to practice more. but, first, I should stop thinking contamination.

I've done all homework for today!
I had so much fun! I've discovered so many thing NEW to me.
I can't wait for tomorrow! more new discovery!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful colour choices and tags. I have to get started on my homework..thanks for the inspiration!

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