31 December 2011

paper marbling

It was such a nice surprise! 
I received a packet yesterday from my best friend who lives in Nara, Japan. She posted this packet with a new year card on the 27th and I received it on the 30th! It's a great Job between Japanese Post office and Royal Mail! Well Done!

Anyway, I was SO HAPPY that I've receive her wonderful present.
She made marbled paper for me. It's so beautiful! lovely hand made paper!

This pretty, elegant colour and patterns gave me inspiration straight way! I made few cards using her hand made paper.

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30 December 2011

you are the best!

I made this card for Lawn Fawn CHA Winter 2012 Challenge.
Basically, I use only Lawn Fawn stamps.
Lawn Fawn is one of my favourite stamps. I can use them like tailor-made stamps! One stamp set can be used on many different occasions.

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29 December 2011

using fragments

It took quite while to finish up this tag... because of Fragments!
I sometimes find a bit difficult to use them, how I put them together with other elements and where I should put them without too loud or not disturb other elements.
...well! I'm still thinking if I could make better ... but I called it "DONE"! ....

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28 December 2011

shrink snowman

I played with Shrink Plastic again. It's so fun! I love watching melting & shrinking....
It's not so cold in London these couple of days, but January will be the coldest month, so I hoped we can see little bit of snow in early 2012.

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27 December 2011

new year tag

I opened up all Christmas presents yesterday,
hmmmmmm....... then... other than that....
hmmmmmm....... there was nothing else to do!!!

so! I decided to make a new year tag.
I'm actually addicted to Glassine paper! This paper is so flexible and I can easily change the colour. It's light and slightly see-through. It's perfect for embellishments.

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