29 March 2012

perfect distress technique

hmmmm.... I thought this would be the easiest technique in three, but it wasn't!! It was the most difficult one for me!

The difficult thing was combination of colour of powder and distress ink underneath. I wasted possibly more that 5 tags... one of them I forgot to ink light colors in the very beginning... some of them, I applied multiple colour of perfect pearls and made funny colour in the end.
well... I wasted many but I've learnt a lot. It's very important to make mistakes and make funny things, so that we remember and learn something.

I've been too close to Perfect Pearls today. I've never used this much before.
I inhaled lots of powders... Hope they're not toxic at all!!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


Anonymous said...

I just looked at the last six tags you posted and I cannot pick a favourite. These two are perfect backgrounds, the others are elegant on their own, but perhaps I do like the clock one the best!

Anonymous said...

I find what you say is true, I too learn the most by making lots of mistakes, but you made some lovely tags while learning!

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