30 March 2012

52 tags

I made 52 tags OFFICIALLY during the day 2-10,  but.. to be honest... I made lots of rubbish too.
I bought 100 tags from my local post office when class starts, and now it's all GONE... that means more than half of them went to a rubbish bin.

week 1

week 2

but now when I see my tag "collection", I'm SO HAPPY! I learnt million things! I improved a lot too!
...... my first tag, tut tut tut tut! not good! I can do better now!

I wish Tim gives us classes regularly. His class is a REAL art class, a real learning opportunity, the same as online university.
For people like me who is not living in US, this online class is almost only the chance to learn from him. SO, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us more class! I want to learn MORE from Professor Tim.

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Day10: Chemistry 101

oh...... this is so sad..... it's too quick...this is the last day of the class.... I'm crying......
I made a coffee tag for Tim. There is no logo, but... made as his favourite S***b***s coffee tag.

I still remember that when Tim taught us in UK, at De Vere Venues Harben House the last year, Tim and Mario came to the house with Starbucks coffee.
We don't have lots of Starbucks in UK, not as many as in US. This hotel is situated out of town, so... I imagine that Mario (I assume it would be his job...) had to go very far to find Starbucks...
ANYWAY, on that day, I found that Tim and Mario would be IN LOVE with Starbucks.
so... this tag is dedicated to Tim, to say thank you. Have a cup of coffee, relax & rest!
For 2 weeks, Tim has been working SO HARD! Thank you very much Tim!
and Thank you to Mario, his wonderful BTS reports, always make me SIMLE :)

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29 March 2012

perfect distress technique

hmmmm.... I thought this would be the easiest technique in three, but it wasn't!! It was the most difficult one for me!

The difficult thing was combination of colour of powder and distress ink underneath. I wasted possibly more that 5 tags... one of them I forgot to ink light colors in the very beginning... some of them, I applied multiple colour of perfect pearls and made funny colour in the end.
well... I wasted many but I've learnt a lot. It's very important to make mistakes and make funny things, so that we remember and learn something.

I've been too close to Perfect Pearls today. I've never used this much before.
I inhaled lots of powders... Hope they're not toxic at all!!

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splatter distress technique

My second tags; Perfect Splatter Distress Technique. I wanted to see difference between the first tag Perfect Distress Mist Technique and this Technique, so, I'll make the second one later.

This technique would possibly be easier than the first one and I cans see more the effect of Perfect Pearls. I like both technique though.
AND! post importantly! I'm very happy that I improved Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique a lot!
Now I can imagine that I will be able to make cards or other projects with Distress Technique which is HUGE improvement for me.

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Day9: Chemistry 101

I never thought this fun technique before. I have plenty colour of perfect pearls, but I always use only "pearls", not other colour. I also used to make perfect pearls with water, not with reinker. They were surely "boring"...
and Adding a small bead is ...really genius... I've never thought that either....

I made several tags again. I had to experiment with the ratio of reinker + water + perfect pearls (different colour).
These two came out as "acceptable" for me....
The left one (white embossing image), I wanted to leave a "mist" effect, so, I made colour subtle on purpose, and in the very end, after all ink was completely dry, I sprayed quite intense mixture of DUSTY CONCORD and before the colour re-react with other colour, I immediately heated.

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28 March 2012

crackle paint resist

hmmmmm... this is not just painting... I though it's quite straightforward. Yes, it is not complicated, BUT, it's difficult to have balance with a background and a main image.

I painted 6 different colors, Broken China, Tarnished Brass, Fired Brick, etc. I found lighter colour is easier to balance with all. Broken China or Fire Brick were too loud for me. But, Tarnished Brass, I liked a lot. Even though it's also loud color, it was friendly to the background. I didn't keep it because I stamped something badly....  I also liked Tattered Rose. Again I made mess. While I was stamping, lots of paint stuck onto clear stamps, so that cracked parts were almost all gone....
These two, finally I thought "acceptable"....!

I washed my hands more than 10 times today!
Tim mentioned in his video other day about Ranger SCRUBBIE. This really works! so well! I use every day, all the time. another one of must have items for me.

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shattered stains technique

Some how, Rock Candy dried quicker than Crackle Paint.
After watching the video today, I quickly went to my craft table and painted Rock Candy and Crackle Paint.
I was thinking Rock Candy would take lot longer to be ready. but, I was wrong! Rock Candy wasn't so bad, it didn't take that long.
When I finished the first tag Paint Dabber Resist Technique, All my Rock candy Die cuts were dry and ready for me.

I don't know why I always get colour isn't dark enough. I wanted to have more intense colour.
I think... I need to practice with "butterflies" or those "hearts" that tim used.
Anyway, At least I found Die cut has to have a large area so that I can apply Rock Candy more easily and effectively.

... my last tag Crackle Paint isn't ready yet...so... waiting time...

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Day8: Chemistry 101

Paint Dabber Resist is one of my favourite technique, but I've never done it on Canvas and using distress stains.
I like stains, those became one of my "must have" items.
Applying stains part was most fun to me.

the left tag, I used Pearl Paint Dabber.
the right one, I used Silver Paint Dabber.
When I stamped them they were shiny, but when they got dry, both of them lost shine. I think Metallic have soaked into the canvas...
I actually made with couple of other Paint Dabbers too, such as shell pink, aqua, snow cap, etc. but these two turned out better.

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27 March 2012

distress powder resist

I like that the distress powder has mat finish.
I use distress embossing rarely, because, it's difficult to see wether if it's heated enough or not and also the texture, particularly... those "embossing eating sponge" noise was scaring me. I thought I was doing something wrong.
But after learning this technique today, I've changed my mind completely!

Until Tim mentioned in the video today, I always forgot to shake bottles before use. It's true, if we shake well, nothing wrong with the powder. I can see wether embossed or not. I used the powder wrongly in so many ways... !
It's really important to know how to use! I'm sure I'll use this distress embossing more often from now on! I really love this matt finish!

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rusted enamel technique

I always make/keep two tags for my reference. They look the same, but they're slightly something different, - usually type of stamps (rubber or clear), paper or type of inks.
For example, Day 6 Stamping with Markers Technique, one of them are a clear stamp and other ones are a rubber stamp. Using rubber stamps are definitely better for this technique.
I wasn't happy the clock tag, but I keep it so that I remember to use rubber stamps for the next time.

These tags. The left tag (blue-ish one), it was once in a rubbish bin...
I used normal white cardstock, rather good quality one. As you see embossing powder didn't stick well so that it doesn't keep original colour.
The right one, I used manila paper. Any how, most of the powder survived.
Manila paper.... This is such interesting paper! Big Discovery for me.

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Day7: Chemistry 101

wow...another new discovery today!
I've never learnt properly how to embossing. I didn't know so many thing.

Tim knows everything thoroughly! No doubt he is a real Artist, but he is also such a good teacher. It's very important thing that all Artists and Musicians (include myself) should be a good teacher as well. We have to pass on our knowledge to young generations always, otherwise all our techniques and knowledge will die in the future. But, it's very often, musicians or artists are not good at teaching. We can play but difficult to teach. Teaching is another type of talent. Tim is so lucky that he has both. and WE are so lucky that we've got a chance to learn from himself.

I found ink pads have to be very juicy, otherwise embossing powder doesn't stick to it. New ink pads were fine, but old ones, I needed to apply reinkers to ink pads before stamp.

I think... I want to have a craft iron! It's true there is big difference between "with" and "without" shiny effect. I wanted to have WITHOUT shiny on embossed area... well...! I should buy a cheap iron for crafting.

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26 March 2012

stamping with markers

I still keep working with Kid's markers... sorry Tim..
another bad news is I don't have Specialty Stamping Paper as well... (I'm not sure if I'm right to be in this class today...)
I didn't know what the Specialty Stamping Paper was and how it worked, but now I know what is so special about. I found it's necessary for this technique, so I'll send order TODAY!


anyway! I stamped with Kid's markers. but this time, I mixed colour, used new technique "blended markers on craft sheet", then applied on stamps. It made simple kids colour into bit more complicated or sophisticated colour...I hope...

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Day6: Chemistry 101


First of all... I don't have distress markers at all...
It will take quite while to have all distress markers. (I estimate it'll take at lest one year, since it took 3 years to have all distress ink pad and I still have been a work on process for collecting re-inkers & stains.)
It's apparently problems!! BUT I improvised ... any how...
I used "Markers for children"! (.... quite embarrassing... )
they're very bad quality....! though they still worked ...kind of "OK"....
.... hope Tim allows me to use this bad stuff on his class... sorry Tim.
anyway, I've never done these techniques before, so, I have discovered couple of new things again!


To apply markers directly on dry paper and all blended marker techniques are VERY NEW to me.
Because I used BAD quality of markers, fabric came off from pen nibs..
so... some of them look dusty, but at least I've learnt new techniques today!

I personally like "on dry paper" and "blended from craft sheet".

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25 March 2012

friends forever

I really ENJOY Distress Technique with distress stain. This is much much easier than using ink pad. I think because ...
1; I don't need to worry about ink pad contamination,
2; distress stain has perfect balance of water & ink,
and most importantly,
3; I don't know the science, but opaque (Picket Fence) helps some how.

I used the background; Marbled Stains Technique / Day 5 and the embellishment; Archival Resist Technique /Day 3

I can't wait for tomorrow! New week! Lots of New technique!

. ✰ •✰˚* ˚ ★ ˚♥♥ 。✰˚ supplies˚ ♥♥. ✰ •✰˚* ˚ ★ ˚
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it's spring!

It's very nice weather in London this weekend. It's Spring!
I made a card today with a spring taste and Brushless Watercolor Technique / Day 2.

I applied VICTORIAN VELVET - Blossom colour! - for the Edge and stamped spring messengers, full of butterflies!

. ✰ •✰˚* ˚ ★ ˚♥♥ 。✰˚ supplies˚ ♥♥. ✰ •✰˚* ˚ ★ ˚ 
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