23 March 2012

Day5: Chemistry 101

Stained Kraft resist technique is such fun. I didn't know many thing about this wonderful Cardstock Kraft Resist Paper Stash.
I love the Cardstock. I've been using it quite long time and so many occasions, but I didn't know this resist is hear resist... and work very well with distress stain. This is another HUGE benefit to learn from Tim directly.


again, this is very new technique to me so... I had mess a bit... wasted 3, 4 tags, but finally I made 2 better ones.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


Beth Akins said...

Isn't it fun?

ValB said...

I love the Eiffel Tower stamp with the resist. It's such a complimentary design. Very structural. Gorgeous!

Annette Green said...

Another great set of tags and techniques. Beautiful job!

Angel said...

both tags turned out so cool. love the way you chose such perfect examples from the big sheets.

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