27 March 2012

distress powder resist

I like that the distress powder has mat finish.
I use distress embossing rarely, because, it's difficult to see wether if it's heated enough or not and also the texture, particularly... those "embossing eating sponge" noise was scaring me. I thought I was doing something wrong.
But after learning this technique today, I've changed my mind completely!

Until Tim mentioned in the video today, I always forgot to shake bottles before use. It's true, if we shake well, nothing wrong with the powder. I can see wether embossed or not. I used the powder wrongly in so many ways... !
It's really important to know how to use! I'm sure I'll use this distress embossing more often from now on! I really love this matt finish!

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ThePurplePlace said...

I forget to "shake" my powder for this tag today too and I do think that is WHY I did not get the best results.

Once I have more time, I'm looking forward to trying that one again, and HOPING to have better results!! :)

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