27 March 2012

rusted enamel technique

I always make/keep two tags for my reference. They look the same, but they're slightly something different, - usually type of stamps (rubber or clear), paper or type of inks.
For example, Day 6 Stamping with Markers Technique, one of them are a clear stamp and other ones are a rubber stamp. Using rubber stamps are definitely better for this technique.
I wasn't happy the clock tag, but I keep it so that I remember to use rubber stamps for the next time.

These tags. The left tag (blue-ish one), it was once in a rubbish bin...
I used normal white cardstock, rather good quality one. As you see embossing powder didn't stick well so that it doesn't keep original colour.
The right one, I used manila paper. Any how, most of the powder survived.
Manila paper.... This is such interesting paper! Big Discovery for me.

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ThePurplePlace said...

I think both of your tags look great!! I like the different looks even though you may have not been as happy with the first tag, I still think it looks very cool!

That's what is so fun, every since tag will always be a bit different!!

My third tag today, was the one that challenged me the most! I have a feeling I did not emboss it well, so it will be one I'll try again...hopefully tomorrow! :)

Creatique Candy said...

I'm with you on the manilla paper too. These are very pretty! I love the bright of he manilla tag. TFS

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