21 March 2012

Day3: Chemistry 101

Alcohol Ink Agates!! This is the one I really wanted to learn directly from Tim.
My dream came true! YAY!
Although I was eager to learn how to use Alcohol ink, I've never had a chance.
I'm so so so happy now!!
And! I also didn't know so many things about nature of rubber stamps.
Thank you so much Tim! Hugs & Kisses♡


This is my very first! 
Properly used Alcohol ink project!

These are not as cool as Tim's, of course, but I'll work on more! I need to know more about colour too.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


Creatique Candy said...

Very Pretty!

Pam from Maine said...

You have great looks and displaying them in that book is very creative.

Bella said...

Yours have worked so well.

Zezilia69 said...

So beautiful, as always! Really like the class so far!

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