22 March 2012

custom stamp pad

When I saw the tutorial video, I was instantly thinking this Hero Arts Zig Zag Chevron stamp.
I bought this in January. since I've got this stamp, I've been thinking how I can apply multiple colour.

I knew this Tim's genius custom stamp technique, but I didn't think at all  that I can use this technique to the Chevron stamp.

I'm SO SO SO happy! With this technique, I can apply many different colour on to Chevron without hustle!

I've read Mario's comment on Facebook.
Oh... my ... God... Our Professor had the worst nightmare last night. I'm SO SORRY.... all I can say that I'M SO SORRY, and thank you very much for huge dedication and all hard work for us.
I hope Tim sleeps well tonight and please please rest very well....

 ... see you tomorrow everyone!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


Zezilia69 said...

Really nice! So great to not have to cut the stamp to pieces! Like the tip in the "Clean and simple class". I still haven´t dared to do it!
What happened to Tim!? Íf you don´t like to write it here you can email me. I hope he´s ok now!

Tomoe Inoue said...

Hello Zezilia! Thank you very much for a kind comment.
... about Tim!
According to Mario's report: Tim had problems uploading videos, I think that was broadband technical problems. It took about 17- 31 hours to upload. Then, driving his car and went to his local hotel to see if he can borrow internet from them! ... poor Tim... so much hustle!

Zezilia69 said...

I see! poor Tim! What a hustle! But a relief that nothing happened to him in person! Really hope he have some time to sleep and rest so that he can continue teaching us this wonderful class! :-)
Looking forward to seeing your amazing work!

Barb said...

so pretty! love the rainbow chevrons...and the inked edges.

ThePurplePlace said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today!!! I'm always so amazed with your fabulous creations and today is another great day!! I admired your tags in the Gallery and I'm sure they are well loved!

I did read Mario's post on FB about the problems with the Video and the fact that had to leave the house to get them uploaded! It's clear to me that Tim (and Mario) are working to make this class amazing, as always!! I'm in awe of how much they keep posting for us ALL!

Thanks for the visit!! Nice to see you in this class too!

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