23 March 2012

marbled stains technique

Yay! I think I improved this technique a bit! OR... it could be... the distress stain makes this technique a lot easier...
When I made tags with Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique in Day 2, I struggled with the colour. But today, I'm totally happy what I made. This is the good example of "matter of practice"!


This weekend, I really need to clean up my craft table... the funny thing is... I need to clean under the table too...
My last tags, I had to work on a very small space... Thank God, I'm making small tags, there is no working area for 12x12 (even A4 would be difficult) ....

Thank you very very much to everyone who left such wonderful and encouraging comments here. I REALLY enjoy reading all of your comments! Although this is online class, I feel like I'm in a big class room with many talented friends around me so closely :)

Have a very nice weekend (crafting whole day of course!) everyone!
and see you on Monday!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog!


ThePurplePlace said...

HI Tomue - I can see you had another fabulous day in class and ALL of your tags are fabulous!!

I'm looking forward to working on more this weekend or maybe some cards that are inspired by the techniques we have learned! :)

Have a good one!!

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