21 March 2012

archival resist technique

I don't know this science at all but some how distress ink stains very well on Gloss Paper. I tried with other water based dye ink, none of them work as well as distress ink.

Again... I couldn't make very cool tags like Tim's example. I need texture stamps! I usually don't buy them, because, simply I didn't know how to use them. but now I know how to use and WANT TO HAVE THEM now!

Although, on instruction paper, it says "Apply dark color Distress Ink",
I used ... the lightest colour "Spun Sugar"... for just experiment..
and it turns out be .... feminine and cute! ... I like it!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


Creatique Candy said...

Very pretty! I love the coffee & your use of the Spun Sugar. I was playing with that and the crushed olive for a two-tone effect. Thanks so much for sharing. HUGS

Karin said...

Love that brown tag and the pink one ist really cute!

The Paper T'Art said...

These really are gorgeous tags xx

Annette Green said...

Love your coffee tag and would LOVE to know where you got that stamp? I make coffee themed cards all the time and haven't seen that one yet. (sort of becoming a collector at this point) Can you e-mail me and tell me pretty please??? AnnetteMGreen@gmail.com

thanks in advance!

Tomoe Inoue said...

Hello Annette! I have sent you e-mail.
in case you don't get it

The stamp is ; Cappuccino Rubber Stamp


helocin said...

LOVE your coffee tag. Absolutely gorgeous. Great stamps. Is your ornate swirl in white ink? Lovely effect.

Mary F said...

personally I love the tag!

Tomoe Inoue said...

Hello Helocin.
Thank you very much for your kind comment!
The ornament swirl is...
shouldn't be.... but... I used...

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