12 May 2012

scratch-off card

I didn't know I can make a scratch-off at home. What a wonderful idea! I can make so many FUN cards for kids!

Surprisingly... I don't have a Clear Packing Tape... like many other things, it's difficult to buy very simple supplies in UK. When I go to US, I always surprise there are so so so many things in supermarkets or even in small shops.
I live in London, not countryside, but I still have difficulties to find things in shops. So, I had to improvise again, as always...

I used a clear stickers. ( I don't know where I got from, I believe it was A Little Yellow Bicycle Deja Views Clear Cut Shapes.)
I don't know if the scratch-off is OK for children, but I, myself made mixture therefore I know it contains only Dish Soap and Ranger Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers (Acid free & non-toxic), free from harsh chemical. At least that makes me feel safe....  I believe it wouldn't be bad for children.... would it?!

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