2 April 2012

crackle paint flower

I've been playing with crackle paint whole day today.
The first time when I made tags with the shattered stains technique, I was wondering how I can make more intense colour. I've practiced with many die cut embellishments since.
Now! I can control colors more! YAY! I can go dark or light, I can make however I want! YAY!
Though I have to make more easter cards, I couldn't resist making flowers using this technique!

The flower; Shattered Stains Technique / Day 8
The back ground; Distress Powder Resist Technique / Day 7
I found crackle paint is perfect for making flowers, because paper is naturally curling up by itself. I don't need to shape petals. another discovery!!

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Angel said...

All you tags are beautiful. Love seeing how you used the new techniques from class. I especially loved this flower made used the Shattered Stains Technique. Was that a fabric or paper flower? Beautiful.

Tomoe Inoue said...

It's a paper flower! just a ordinary white cardstock.
"ordinary" would be important in this case. Paper rolls and curls because of paints. we don't want curling effects usually but for flowers, it's very nice, I think :)

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I wouldn't have thought to use cardstock with the crackle paint. I like the colors with the white background - much more vibrant!

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