4 February 2012

games maker meeting


I'm a Games Maker of London Olympic and Paralympic 2012.
Today, there was the first big meeting in Wembley.
We were told that we can tweet or write on Facebook, but not details.
I took few photos, I think these are OK photos to show on my blog...


Olympic & Paralympic mascots Wenlock & Mandeville were there, 
warm welcome all game makers.
Thousands of people had gathered in Wembley Arena!!


Our first orientation had began!
Sebastian Coe was talking about his experience and his passion for Lonson 2012.

This is our uniform! Made by Adidas, they say it "poppy colour"...
They provide us a back pack as well... the same poppy colour... 

This is my notebook. I'll fill it in while many other training sessions. 
One of London 2012 sponsors Cadbury always gives us complementary chocolate :)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


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