7 February 2012

box & envelops!!


yay! I made envelops and a box for the set!  I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it up tonight, but! it didn't take as much as I was expecting.... whew...
The problem is always envelops. Because European card & envelop size is different from U.S. so, when I send my cards to friends, I use U.K size envelop, I really don't mind that, but if I give my cards as a gift, like this set, either I import right size envelops from U.S. or I usually make them by myself.


I normally use Hero Arts Envelope Template (PS612).
This is actually very useful, a great item. It's so easy to use. None of my friends have ever found out that envelops were hand-cut and completely hand made. You can make personalized envelops without fuss. It's very clever invention by Hero Arts!

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Malu said...

They are very pretty!! Great job getting them done. I haven't attempted to do a set yet... maybe tomorrow! And your envelopes are perfect!

lindagrady said...

This is a gorgeous card set. Love the red/white color combo. Like how you did the envelopes, too.

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