9 February 2012

finnair flight

I am a world traveler. Because of nature of my work, I travel a lot.
We have severe weather condition at the moment. It's very difficult to travel europe, particularly from Heathrow airport.
I flew London to Helsinki this time with Finnair. Finnair is my most favourite airline to fly with. They are truly trustworthy.
I've had so many problems with many other airlines, but with Finnair, I have never had complaints about their attitude or their services so far. Finnair is possibly one of the rare airlines in the world that they manage customer care very well.




Anyway, this is a meal for Business Class passenger on European flights.
My personal opinion... these are all carbohydrate... it's a nice meal but too much carbs.... Although I am happy to fly with Finnair, this is possibly one of the thing that they can improve a bit.... I hope...!

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