7 December 2011

tag7 - peace

Again! Tim shows us how genius he is!
I've been using Kraft Glassine paper since I was child.
I still remember confectionary stores used to use this paper for wrapping.
Since I was child I've been a big fan of this paper.
BUT! here it is! difference between a genius and a mediocrity.
I used it only for .... wrapping!! and making envelops!
I am seriously never ever thought there are such many ways to make something creative! I'm quite ... shocked actually...!!
Tim, thank you SO much for giving us such wonderful inspiration! you're a true genius!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


PaulaJ said...

adorable tag! Love that jolly Santa!

johnik1222 said...

Love your jolly interpretation! I am also amazed at Tims creativity with glasine. Your tag is not only beautiful but fun!

Winnie said...

how fun! I love that paper too....I used to keep the envies from the postal service as they used that kind of paper too.

ArteDar said...

WONDERFUL we are having fun with Tim and making tags...love what ya did.

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