14 June 2012

“selective” embossing

This is another type of "partial embossing" technique, but it's a lot more complicated if we don't use EMBOSSING DIFFUSERS.
With Julie's instruction, I made a handmade embossing diffuser!
It's fun idea but as Julie's suggestion -"practice on inexpensive card stock first"-, I needed to find a good combination of sandwich and did lots of test embossing. I unfortunately didn't have any suitable inexpensive papers for the test embossing, so, sadly, I had to use the cardstock that I always use! I wasted three A4 papers.....:(
Anyway, after so many failure, I could make partial embossing at last .....whew....
I strongly recommend using embossing diffusers for this technique!!

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Isha said...

Stunning card Tomoe. Love the effect of partial embossing. Is making handmade diffusers??

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