6 January 2012

marmite gifts

...well... fist of all, I must say "I'm not a "Marmite lover" or "Marmite-aholic". I just love Marmite package, Black & yellow combination....their design!
If there are Strawberry jam, Marmalade, Honey, and Marmite in front of me, I would definitely chose marmite. It's not acceptable that Marmite is running out or absence from my fridge. BUT! still! I'm NOT in love with Marmite.
.....anyway, because (1) I really love their design! (2) it was on sale, (3) in fact it was 50 off....
I bought Marmite gifts....

I think.... I need Marmite plates, that'll make my breakfast perfect.

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Have a nice day!


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